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Life Sciences

The Life Science field essential in healthcare. Life Science constantly pushed healthcare forward by providing new ways to deliver medicine, personalizing and improving how patients can receive medicine, and more. There are a variety of career options in Life Science and the experts at Kolter Solutions can help you find the career and company that is best for you.

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Finding The Right Path

Kolter Solutions is always seeking new talent in the Life Science industry. We work with our established partners of industry leaders to provide competitive employment opportunities in fields such as:

- Pharmaceuticals

- Clinical Research/Operations

- Biotechnology

- Medical Devices

- Contract Management

- Regulatory

We also can connect you with companies who are looking for biometric experts, including:

- Biostatisticians

- Bio-Programmers

- SAS Programmers

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Team Behind Us

Kolter Solutions

Our staff has decades of experience staffing and understanding the Live Science field. We have spent years making meaningful relationships with numerous corporations while also learning the industry nuances to ensure that the knowledge we provide to talent is topnotch. Using our corporate relationships and industry expertise, we match candidates with in-demand positions to guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with your job placement.


Roger Whiteman

President, Founder

Alexis Cole

Managing Director

Tracy Dickerhoff

Senior Managing Partner

Debra Whiteman

CEO, General Counsel